This year is commemorated the 250 Anniversary of the Royal College of Artillery, taking place a wide range of acts and exhibitions, among them the so called '250 years of engineering' at Torreón de Lozoya (Segovia). In this College, where it was tought the artillery knowledge of the age, both tactical and technical, the science took relevance as key superiority element in any batltlefield. Current Academy of Artillery will replace the role of the College.

It is a great honour for E&Q to have the opportunity to participate in such distinguised event. A video of the suite of tools called Ares for the planning and execution of indirect fire operations, whose application based upon the Spanish Army fire support materiel (called PEINT) is deployed in all the Artillery, Infantry and Cavalry Units, is being depicted at the Torreón de Lozoya exhibition until 31th August of 2014.